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Faculty Resources

As Mansfield University strategically plans to meet the learning needs of an increasingly diverse society, we appreciate, value and benefit from different perspectives. We provide greater learning and service opportunities for a wider and more geographically dispersed population through online learning.

The Distance Education Council (DEC) and Campus Technology provides support services to faculty by providing them with learning opportunities to assist them in the transition to online teaching in a variety of ways. In addition to understanding the technology components involved in teaching online and blended courses, administrative support is essential.

SPRINGBOARD is an annual faculty development workshop with various faculty members sharing their best practices in developing online learning communities. Participation in these workshops also provides an opportunity to interact with faculty and administrators from throughout the university. SPRINGBOARD brings the Mansfield Univeristy faculty together to discuss the changing digital landscape and its impact in teaching! Several hands-on opportunities provide knowledge in Desire2Learn (D2L), Screen Capture and "Class" Capture, Media Resources, Skype, and much more.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning's (CATL) website provides valuable forms for faculty.

Resource Materials:
The Distance Education Council has a variety of resources available for faculty members.

Campus Technologies specialize in enhancing and supporting high-quality online education. our team of talented consultants and developers offer services such as technical training and support for faculty and online classrooms; innovative multimedia objects; and communication tools.

Faculty members are encouraged to contact Campus Technologies for assistance with their online and/or blended classes.